Celebrity Photoshop

Here are some images of your favorite celebrities with images that have been PhotoShopped.


Jessica Alba who already has a perfect figure was trimmed down even more and was given a PhotoShop tan.


Kiera Knightly had a instant boob job and tan with PhotoShop for one of her movie posters to make her more appealing to men.

Faith Hill was able to look like a twenty year old again in Redbook.

Kourtney Kardashian’s dress changed from a white to purple and OK! Magazine slimmed her down quite a bit. For an article on how she lost her baby fat so fast should people see the truth? If Kourtney can’t lose it that quick how would you be able to?



4 thoughts on “Celebrity Photoshop

  1. WOW, this is really shocking to see. I can’t believe how much these are photoshopped. It’s frustrating as a women to see these because it’s giving people around the world a false sense of what an ideal women body should look like. Totally not fair! Can’t wait to read more about what you have to say, really interesting topic. – Amy Logan

  2. Really interesting. In some of the pictures I think they actually look better before the photoshopping. It’s amazing that even with all the hair, make up, and lighting they use for these shoots that they still photoshop everything so much.

  3. I love your blog topic. I hate the use of photoshop in modeling. Some of these are absurd, especially the last one. How are they allowed to cut an entire chunk out of someone or airbrush them to oblivion and still call it a picture of them?

  4. I love this topic. These images are so powerful, and I think photoshopping definitely needs to be put in the faces of a lot of people in the world. Especially younger children, I feel as though they need to understand what real beauty is. I miss the images we could find in magazines before photoshop and editing became all the rage. Women were beautiful and healthy and we are definitely losing that appreciation.

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