What many don’t know

Did you know that many celebrities have people who will PhotoShop their images before they get sent out to the tabloids?  These people know they have a unreal image to obtain and they have to keep it up at all times. They can’t let a photo of what they really look like end up in a tabloid or on the internet.

Kim Kardashian found it necessary to trim down her waist and thighs in a photo from a vacation. There was nothing wrong with Kim’s original picture but does this show you that celebrities like us are uncomfortable with their body images?


2 thoughts on “What many don’t know

  1. Until now I didn’t know that even the pictures in celebrity tabloids could be altered… It makes sense though that celebrities can even obtain the power to alter their image in magazines that are meant to expose them when they are not expecting it… This is appalling to me and creating a vicious cycle of young women today looking up to women who are uncomfortable being themselves. I like that you included Britney Spears and her efforts to reveal her body untouched by photoshop and feeling proud of it! There needs to be much more of that in the world of the media and promotion of false body images. Thank you for bringing this issue to light and how it needs to change for future women to have the confidence to do what they want in life without feeling bad about themselves.

  2. I had no idea that tabloid photos were retouched. I thought the purpose of tabloids was to exploit celebrities. The way celebrities talk about the violation of their privacy, I would have never guessed that they were in cahoots with these publications.

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