I am a senior Public Relations and Advertising major at Chapman University.  I decided to make this blog to help people see how much PhotoShop in the media effects how we view ourselves and ultimately can set off eating disorders.  My goal is to stop PhotoShop from being allowed in magazines, websites, posters on models or actresses so that people can see what these people really look like, instead of admiring a perfect image. This will help them realize that what they believe is perfect and beautiful does not really exist but is all created on the computer in PhotoShop. I believe model Crystal Renn can help make this happen because of her beliefs that being healthy and you is more important than being what others want you to be.



This blog is dedicated to Erin

July 12, 1990 – December 14, 2009


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  1. Wow. I am blown away by this – I write about this issue a lot but hadn’t thought to dedicate an entire blog to it. Thank you. I’ve tweeted your blog out and will support you as much as I can. Well done! Keep at it. @hgracestewart on Twitter

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