PhotoShop while shopping

Like many people these days, it’s always easier to shop online from the comfort of your home than in a store. So when you go to your favorite clothing website and you see a model wearing a shirt you want you automatically imagine that is how you are going to look in the shirt. But when they make the models waists practically as small as their necks, does this mean that is what they want you to look like in the clothes?


1 thought on “PhotoShop while shopping

  1. Photoshopping as affecting commerce is such a big issue that is not addressed. I was recently reading an article how H&M Photoshopped models heads onto mannequin bodies and I was really disgusted by it. How could H&M think that giving all of their models the same slim and “socially attractive” body is an ethical/moral way to sell their clothing, I have no idea. It is a big issue with advertising and promotion and I appreciate how this blog address the issue.

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