True Beauty?

You are just about to head to the checkout of the grocery store and what do you see? A magazine most likely with a celebrity on it. As you look at the magazine you seen this  person who looks flawless, perfect skin complexion and perfect body. You then look at yourself and begin nit picking the little things wrong with how you look compared to the picture you just looked at. Little do we, the readers of these magazines, know that these celebrities do not even look like these pictures and that we are being fooled by a digitally reconstructed image of what these magazines want you to believe is beautiful.

You walk into a thirteen year old’s room and you are destined to see cut outs of magazines on the walls. These teenagers look up to these women, they want to be and look like them. Many dieting at young ages so they can achieve a un-achievable look. Sneaking into their parents rooms to take their diet pills or just not eating in general. They know have what they believe is beautiful in their head and they are willing to go to great lengths to be it. Who is to blame? Well society and the media of course, but its not too late to take action let viewers see the real people in these magazines.


1 thought on “True Beauty?

  1. I completely agree with you. The women shown in magazines and advertisements are so digitally altered that when you compare these new images to the original photographs, they almost look like two completely different people! It’s not fair for the media to promote the image of this unattainable beauty standard that all women are subjected to and oppressed by. It’s no wonder (yet extremely unfortunate) that so many young women develop eating disorders trying to look like these photoshopped women – a feat that nobody can accomplish.

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